Perfect Day

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    Jesse Metcalfe
    Riya Choudhary
    Vivian Lu

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Merging with the top technology
discovery - Neuralink

Perfect Day aids you in creating the best mixture batch by our Emotion-Based Real-Time System. It aims to help elevate and formulating your daily productivity by setting you in the right mood at the right time.

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Lets not only control machines,
but control how you want to live

Responding to the newest technology in the market, our newest AI system reads your brain data, and analyse your emotion related to your daily activities by creating different options for you to mix and match different emotion choices for you to live your day to its fullest.

Real Time Data Mirror of Brain Activities

Define your your perfect day

Perfect Day is a new integration on Neurotechnoloy reflecting on how data mirroring can be used. This news application is designed to encourage people to reflect upon what makes their perfect day and if possessing sufficient information is the best way in learning about their self identity. Echoing Neuralink’s technology development on human enhancement to keep pace with advances AI and their aim to improve humanity’s cognitive reasoning, our app can focus on the emotion perspective and to use the data we have in our system to further investigate the relation between emotion and cognitive reasoning.

Merging with the top technology
discovery - Neuralink

Psychiatrist’s best friend

We aim to use Perfect Day to equalise emotions and mood for people who’re living from depression and anxiety. With the consent from patients, Psychiatrist can take in practise with Perfect Day to help understand people whoa reliving with Mental illnesses better by studying their past data as well as create better treatments.

Immersive space Treatment with
the right atmosphere ambience
to ease anxiety and depression

Translating Neural Data to Augmented Reality in solving issues of overwhelming emergency room specially for psychiatric emergencies.

Too few outpatient resources and inpatient treatment options for mental health issues; separate systems for treating mental health and physical health; and a shortage of specialists able to respond to patients in the midst of mental health crises.

The statistics are staggering: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults — about 44 million — experiences mental illness in a given year, a number that is certain to increase. And it comes at a time when the demand for mental health professionals is outstripping the supply. For psychiatrists alone, a 2017 report published by the National Council for Behavioral Health estimates the shortage will be between 6,100 and 15,600 practitioners by 2025. That same report points out that lack of access to psychiatric services in hospital emergency departments is especially problematic.”

Be Your own lie detector

Using Data Mirroring as your reflection of how your life is doing, aid you to really see how you are doing mentally, without being affected from surroundings , so you can truly face yourself, and only by then - Can you achieve your Perfect Day

Perfect blend with Man and Machine

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